Come spend the weekend at Fall Retreat! This year’s Retreat is from September 29th to October 1st. Kick off your youth season with a great, God-focused weekend up north. Renew friendships and make new ones while building a better relationship with God. We can’t wait to see you!

[ SPEAKER - Tom Mosterd ]

Tom was born and raised in Perth County, Ontario and attended Stratford Christian Reformed Church as he was growing up. God used his family and his church to teach him about the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. By God’s grace that message would remain with him, and he put his faith in Jesus Christ.

After graduating from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Tom explored a call to the ministry. He spent time attending classes at Calvin Theological Seminary and interning at Stratford Christian Reformed Church where his preaching experience started. After some semesters and a lengthy internship, he decided that God was not calling him to full time ministry at that time and moved on to other vocations. Although he did not feel called to full time ministry, God has given him the unique gift of preaching and teaching and he has blessed many churches in Classis Huron with his preaching over the last 5 years.

Tom has been blessed with a loving wife Gabriëlle and with 2 children. He has tried many occupations over his lifetime, being a chef, driving trucks, feed sales, dispatcher and intern pastor. As of now he enjoys his work as a Sales Representative selling harvesting equipment and spreaders.

Tom has always enjoyed youth conferences and has rarely missed the opportunity to help or attend.  This is the first time he has had the blessing to preach the messages for the worship sessions and is looking forward to it.

[ BAND – SANCTUS Church Worship ]

Sanctus Church is in Ajax, Ontario where they have been blessed with an abundance of musicians. They have worship and songwriting teams who help their congregation focus on Jesus through dynamic, modern worship music. Their musicians also use their skills to bless others outside of their congregation. This year a team of musicians from Sanctus church will bless Fall Retreat by leading the sessions in worship.

[ Weekend Price ]

$ 250.00

Book July 17 To September 22



[ Each year, Fall Retreat is hosted at the Muskoka Woods resort. ]