Meet the Lead Team

Chair and Safety Team Lead- Justin Elisen

I have been part of Fall Retreat since I was a youth! I have been part of the Lead Team since 2018 and continue to do so because I want more youth to enjoy it and grow up in it, just like I did. My hobbies include playing the drums, making pizza and creating robots!

Clerk, Secretary, Point Person, Male Discipline Rep- Mark Puklicz

I have been on the Lead Team for 10 years! Wow! I attended as a small group leader and volunteered many years before that. I believe Fall Retreat is a good and beautiful thing! Especially love that people get together for the glory of Christ! My hobbies include Fishing, woodworking and playing hockey.

Website Manager, Tech Lead – Simon De Weerd

I have served on the Lead Team for 9 years now! I also went as a youth every year I could. I serve on the Lead Team so that youth can experience one of the retreats that formed my faith as I was a youth. My favorite part of Fall Retreat is being in God’s creation and worshiping with other believers. My hobbies include working with electronics, doing minor maintenance on my car and shopping and finding good deals!


Worship Coordinator- Travis Lise

This will be my 7th Fall Retreat, split between being a youth, volunteering as a nighthawk and now on the Lead Team! I am passionate about fall retreat because of the way the Holy Spirit works in this setting and how it brings so many youth closer to Christ. My hobbies include playing multiple sports, camping and outdoor activities with friends and family and being on the water with my Seadoo! I cannot wait to see what this year brings!

Event Coordinators and MC’s – Elly Schreuders and Karryne Vriesema

Elly– I am so excited for Fall Retreat this year! I went to every Fall Retreat as a youth and now my third year serving on the Lead Team. I love Fall Retreat because I am passionate about creating opportunities for youth to deepen their faith and make new friends. I love the outdoors, spending time outside reading, going to the beach, camping, hiking, paddling, and exploring new places!




Karryne– This will be my third Fall Retreat that I have been part of the Lead Team and sixth retreat all together! I love the fact that Fall Retreat has been set up for the presence of God to be everywhere- from creation around us, in worship and sessions to meals. In my spare time you can find me either reading, crocheting, hiking or really anything that sparks my fancy! Looking forward to meeting all the youth this year and enjoying a fun weekend together!

Promotions- Leah Pronk

I have attended Fall Retreat every year I possibly could as a youth and just loved it so much I never left! This is my second year on the Lead Team and I feel quite humbled and grateful to be helping in this capacity. I love Fall Retreat so much, as it was started by some of the most beautiful, passionate, exceptional, founding members of Classis Huron youth ministry. Fall Retreat has a special place in my heart, as these were people who are family, or who I see as mentors and examples as I strive to serve within youth ministry. In my free time I enjoy being in my backyard; gardening, flower farming and spending down time with my husband and son.

Registration- Karen Wyjna

I attended Fall Retreat as a youth… way back when it started at Camp Shalom! This is my first year on the Lead Team and so excited to be in this space. I love Fall Retreat because I believe it is important to disciple and invest in our church’s youth. It is a great way for youth to create friendships and connections that can last a lifetime! My hobbies include hiking, watching my kids play sports and reading.

Prayer Team and Female Discipline Rep- Maria Vander Klippe

I never got the opportunity to attend Fall Retreat as a student, but have attended every year since 2013 with my youth group and have been part of the Lead Team since 2017! I am so happy to be serving with the Lead Team this year again because we get to play one small part in helping teens grow and develop in their faith and relationships, with Jesus and with one another. Fall Retreat combines many things that I love: Jesus, mentoring, students, prayer and being outdoors! I love flowers, good coffee, road biking, and worshiping with my guitar.

Prayer Team – Pete Teenigna

I attended Fall Retreat as a youth back in the mid 90’s when it was at Camp Shalom! I have been part of the Lead Team since 2017! I love the setting of Fall Retreat; we are truly blessed to have a place like Muskoka Woods. Nothing is like seeking God in the midst of His creation! I love that there is time to hangout and have fun and that Christ shows up and does the important work that we can’t. I love music; playing, singing and listening. I love the outdoors; camping, hiking, canoeing and sitting and stargazing oh and bonfires! I also love going for random drives.

Hospitality Leads- Julia and Conor Adams

Julia – I love the atmosphere at Fall Retreat, feeling the Spirit move in worship sessions! I attended Fall Retreat as a youth and now very excited for the opportunity to serve and see lives impacted. My hobbies are baking and cooking as well as enjoying time in nature, going for hikes, and kayaking.

Connor– This is my first time ever at Fall Retreat and I am so excited for a new chance to serve! I am looking forward to seeing lives change but also impacting my own walk in faith and being encouraged. I enjoy wildlife photography and spending time in nature. I like to hike,  fish, kayak and swim!