Volunteer Opportunities

Leaders, Volunteers and Shadows

Even though Fall Retreat has been running for generations, the Planning Team changes often. It takes tremendous teamwork to create the well known and loved Fall Retreat weekend. Planning Team Members and Shadows are always needed to join the Team. Positions open currently for Fall Retreat 2024 are:

Recruitment – This role would oversee the recruitment of volunteers and shadows for the weekend. Working with other roles to find volunteers that are gifted to help during the weekend. This could include reaching out to current Classis Huron youth leaders/ volunteers and churches administration for recommendations for volunteers.

Tech- Tech roles must have basic knowledge on how soundboards, sound systems, and computers work.  Tech roles assist in running worship and soundchecks, assist in set up and clean up of sessions and setting up the worship band and speaker for sessions, also might include website updates. Often “behind the scenes” volunteer work.

“Shadows” – Shadows are needed for most Planning Team Roles. The intent for shadows is a learning/mentorship space for those who are exploring their God given gifts they are given or are passionate for serving youth ministries locally.

Volunteers – Volunteering is a great spot for young adults and parents who loved Fall Retreat as a youth but only can commit to the weekend rather than being part of the planning team all year around. Volunteer opportunities are needed every year for the Safety Team and Hospitality.

  • Safety Team– Must be 21 years old. Assist in the safety of retreaters. Assisting in cabin checks at lights out and at worship sessions, walking the perimeter of Muskoka Woods, staying up at night to ensure youth are safe, must be prepared to handle cold nights and rest during random times of the day to catch up! Don’t worry, Justin makes it fun!
  • Hospitality– “Hands and Feet” of the weekend. Hospitality team often does the behind the scenes work that needs to be done throughout the weekend. This could include helping set up for affinity/ reach in sessions, assisting prayer teams, maintaining the lounge spaces for band, speaker and leaders. It also includes being a welcoming, energetic, encouraging presence throughout the weekend, willing to answer questions of youth and leaders, and ready for anything with a servant heart.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Planning Team at classishuronfallretreat@gmail.com